August 3, 2024

Empathy Summit: Saturday, August 3, 2024
Topic:  What is Empathic Leadership and how can it be developed?

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Time: 8 am PT to 12 pm PT  (4 hours) 

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Location: Zoom  
RECORDING:   Part of the event will be recorded and posted to social media for educational and promotional purposes. You have an option of being in a non recorded breakout group. 

Speakers and Hosting Team

Bestselling Author, Creative CEO, Empathy Advocate. Founder Host: The MimiYouYou Show.

I help leaders change their world by changing themselves through powerful breakthroughs.

Author of "Empathic Leadership: Lessons from Elite Sport" - Helping leaders, teams, and organisations across industries. 

Keynote Speaker, NED/Advisor, Award-winning Author, Podcaster

Empathy Speaker and Workshop Facilitator. Professor. Author. 

 WSJ Best Selling Author, Speaker, Consultant 


Summit Series Lead: Edwin Rutsch
Summit Lead:  Cara Jean Wilson

8 am PT  - Mimi Nicklin






5 min  - break

9 am PT  






5 min  - break

10 am PT:  Empathy Circle
A 2 hour participatory dialogue using the Empathy Circle process.

How to Empathy Circle   (10 min)

Empathy Circle (1:30 hr) 

Debrief (15 min)

Next Steps: (2 min)

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Empathy In the Workplace Magazine  -  There are many articles about empathy in the work place and empathic leadership

ChatGPT,  What is Empathic Leadership and how can it be developed?

Empathic leadership is a leadership style that emphasizes understanding and relating to the emotions, perspectives, and needs of others. It involves being aware of and sensitive to the feelings and experiences of team members or followers, and using that understanding to guide decision-making and interactions. Empathic leaders create an environment of trust, support, and psychological safety, which can enhance team morale, motivation, and performance.

Here are some ways to develop empathic leadership:

Remember that developing empathic leadership is an ongoing process that requires practice, patience, and a genuine commitment to understanding and supporting others. By incorporating these strategies into your leadership approach, you can foster a more empathic and collaborative work environment.

ChatGPT: Why is empathy important for leadership?

Empathy is crucial for leadership because it allows leaders to understand and connect with the people they lead on a deeper level. Here are several reasons why empathy is important for effective leadership:

Overall, empathy enables leaders to understand, connect, and inspire their team members, leading to improved performance, engagement, and overall success. It is an essential trait for leaders who strive to create a positive and productive work environment.