Topic:  A Review of Empathy Training Programs From Around the World.
Empathy Trainers from around the world will take about 10 minutes each to introduce their training offerings. 

Empathy Summit Dates: 

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Saturday, September 9, 2023
We have had many trainers respond to giving presentations so we are adding a second date.

Time: 8 am PT to 12 pm PT  (4 hours) 

8 am PT/11 am ET/ 4 pm BST/ 5 pm CET



Location: Zoom  
RECORDING:   Part of the event will be recorded and posted to social media for educational and promotional purposes. You have an option of being in a non recorded breakout group. 

Speakers and Hosting Team

Building the Empathy Movement With Mutual Empathy, Listening, Dialog, & Seeing Our Common Humanity  

Bestselling Author, Creative CEO, Empathy Advocate. Founder Host: The MimiYouYou Show. 

Founder - The Empathy University® | I provide training workshops & courses on Empathy, Listening & Well-Being  

Founder and President at The Empathy Clinic Empathy Architect at EmpathifyU 

Listener + CEO/Founder + Community Builder @ Empathy Lab, Inc. | UX Research + Design + Innovation Leader 

Empathy Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Instructor at University of Chicago Graham School, Continuing Education 

Co-Founder & Developer at Empathic Intervision, Director and UX at Veryko Solutions  

Empathetic Brands and Leaders WIN, TEDxSpeaker | Keynotes, Workshops, Leadership Training, Brand Advisory | Author & Podcast Host  

John Kinyon
Empathic Communication Mediation & Training in Organizations 

Pascal Gemperli

Conflict Transformation and
Peacebuilding Network 

Making Empathy Actionable • 500K+ Students • Stutterer • Keynote Speaker • Articles about engaging empathy   

Fostering Empathy for Wildlife
Vice President, Conservation Engagement & Learning at Seattle Aquarium  

Co-Creating the Future of Work | Organizational Design | Author + Founder Empathy for Change 

Empathy Evangelist, Author of Purposeful Empathy, Podcaster,  Keynote Speaker 

A woman creating visions of living in togetherness with empathiq communication 

Humanitarian. Empathy Activist. Founder, Empathy Uprise, Speaker ◇ Writer ◇ Videocast Host 

Empathy Speaker and Workshop Facilitator. Professor. Author. 

Tzofnat Peleg-Baker
TPB Inclusive Conflict International 

ACADEMIC-PRACTITIONER | CONSULTANT | COACH | TRAINER Dialogic Being | Conflict | Reflective Practice | Mediation 

Golda Joseph
Modern Wisdom Academy

Empathic Wisdom for Conscious Regeneration Individual, Family, and Organizational Empathic Facilitation and Training.   

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Stoneygate Centre for Empathic Healthcare 

Wendy Weirick
 Conflict Resolution Facilitator

Empathy Center Zoom Support. 

Psychotherapist, Building the Empathy Movement. Empathy Circle Facilitation Trainer 

Author / Speaker / Advocate.  Aiming to Empower 

Empower people to use empathy more effectively in their work & life.  

Backup Speakers
If one of the speakers can't make it. Here are the backup speakers.

Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer  

WSJ Best Selling Author, Speaker, Consultant 

Saturday, September 2, 2023 - Program  

"Amazzzing-sooo inspiring.
Huge job well done."

Saturday, September 9, 2023 - Program

"I am grateful to the host and all the presenters I have learned quite a lot"




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"I am grateful to the host and all the presenters I have learned quite a lot

"I really enjoyed it. I'll be back next week.

"Very interesting content and its great to see the specialism widening. Thank you!

"Fabulous speakers

"Amazzzing-sooo inspiring. Huge job well done."

"Great group of speakers that were well organized! Loved to hear all of the ways that people are sharing, learning, and training empathy."

"It was wonderful to hear about different ways people are cultivating empathy."

"Insightful and a beautiful range of topics"

"The summit was great! I did have trouble navigating to the link at the end of the second presentation."

"Ga8nes insights from the varied approaches from the presentations and the people in the breakout room"

"great speakers; relevant information;"

"Feeling 'not alone' anymore in getting Empathy worked on!"

"Heartwarming - to think about governments and all people being empathetic is awesome"

"Beautiful connections were made"

"Grateful to listen the diverse speaker and presenter about her experiences and what they offer on variety fields."

"Appreciate the structure and organized quality and order.."

"loved the presenters! SO much packed into so little time - would love to catch the recording of presentations I missed - is that available? thank you! :-)"

"Great even for the first one. As a speaker, would be great to ensure there are folks attending who are able to hire us for trainings/kleynotes. Love the 10 minutes rule - and how you were streict about it (even for me, who ran over!), Bus very diffcult for us parents and also coroprate types ot attend on Saturday - please want to unplug. Maybe do it on a weekday but with plenty of advance notice to book it into our calendar."

"Very informative and brings hope"

"Loved Being Part of This Empathic Collaboration with Other Leaders of the Movement"

"Thank you for inviting valuable speakers, our empathy knowledge is deepening in every Summit."

"excellent, inspiring, thanks for having the videos of these summits posted"

"Very inspired and feel a lot of gratitude to be part of the summit."

"It was my first empathy circle and it was amazing. I meet a lot of professionals with experience more than my age. I feel so good to be heard during the activities especially Janna was the best Facilitator. I am deeply in love with the efforts and work that have been put together by Edward and the team. Well done."

"so glad I was able to participate"

"I thoroughly enjoyed this 2 Day Empathy Summit (Sep 2 & 9 2023). I am deeply encouraged and hopeful by how this Summit has placed Empathy front and centre in such a rich and explorative manner. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the engaging presentations across the two days which provided lots of food for thought on empathy. It was my first time participating in an Empathy Circle at this Summit and I valued the experience and the opportunity to meaningfully connect with other people whom are scattered across the globe, like gold dust. And even though we are all so different we came together with a common goal - empathic connection. What a wonderful pursuit! I am grateful that the different layers of empathy were explored and recognised as being essential and valuable to deep and meaningful connection with others. All very inspiring! - Thank you Edwin for orgainsing this event."


'' Last Saturday’s event was beautiful, moving,  and intellectually stimulating in so many ways.  It is good  to know that  such outstanding, dedicated  human beings are laboring in the proverbial “empathy” vineyards. We are grateful to you for your sterling leadership." Carolyn Calloway-Thomas 

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Do You Have Any Comments or Questions? 

 INCLUSION - in this case, 5 of the 7 people, including the two facilitators, had shared and listened TWICE before the person I invited was asked to listen (and thus share) at all - and then was asked by me since otherwise they had been totally left out -- 11 shares happened, 4 by facilitators - almost 50 minutes of sharing/listening time gone by - before this person had a chance to speak at all (had I not asked my guest when I did, they would have been completely left out - there was no more time for shares after that) I was especially surprised that BOTH facilitators, when asked to share for the second time, asked people to listen to them who had already listened and shared, not the person in the group who had not yet done either ***simple fix - I suggest that the protocol be that any facilitator asked to listen/share for a second time always ask someone in the group who has NOT yet participated to listen to them, if there is anyone in the group in that situation

TIMING - one facilitator timed - and let the other facilitator go on for more than twice the allotted time (understandable if the sharer was say very emotional, but it was just a normal but very long story being shared) - this was continuing until I finally spoke up (interrupted) and said - "I'm not sure you are aware, but that is time, if you want to start to wrap up" - ***simple fix: using a sound or voice to communicate end time if people don't see a visual - or do see it but don't stop (it is empathetic, not rude, for the facilitator doing the timing to speak up to let everyone know that it's time to wrap up - but the facilitator may need to learn this/ how to do this / to get comfortable with it)

EMPATHY - my guest getting left out for SOOOOOO long while some people got to speak not just twice but way extra long, started to get to me - I don't know if you are aware of the research on how primal feelings of unfairness can be - LOL - so I shared during my second share time, as gently as I could, with my guest listening to me, my feelings about someone in the group being left out - after all, empathy is big for me, and inclusion is a big part of that for me, and it was someone I had invited - so I had strong feelings of needing to provide care and attention for them - for them to be included - and I didn't feel like I could pass it over without acknowledging it/showing THEM I noticed and cared and wanted them to be included the facilitators talked about my share afterwards (is this part of the protocol?) by saying, several times, "it always works out" - (hmmm - it actually wasn't working out) and "because there were two of you on one screen, we thought you were one person" (?) (my guest pointed out to me later that these responses were not exactly empathetic) so I was left a bit confused about the whether inclusiveness and fairness are part of the explicit values / the facilitator training

SUGGESTION SUMMARY: perhaps the training could offer more support to facilitators on 

1-how to be effective with including everyone, 

2 -timing/communicating end of time if someone doesn't see the sign, and 

3-empathizing / recognizing concerns expressed in the group if something doesn't go smoothly for everyone :-).

 3a - including whether or not what people share during share time gets responded to by facilitators - and if so, how and perhaps 

4- the model of empathy vs reflective listening could be a little more clear? ALL that said (thanks for reading - I hope it isn't just a rant, but might be a little helpful????) this circle helped me appreciate how difficult creating a good circle can be - I hadn't quite appreciated the potential challenges for balancing choice with inclusion, balancing fairness/boundaries with respect for sharing, and general communication in such a circle really so interesting thinking how to scale all this in a workable way wonderful to BE offering these widely, AND, great things (I think) to reflect on I hope to be involved more with much appreciation and warmth

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Why Is Training In Empathy Important? 

Training in empathy is important for several reasons:

Overall, training in empathy helps cultivate positive social and emotional skills that contribute to health